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Real Estate is a Finite Resource

So invest wisely and let RTT Realty build or expand your investment portfolio and turn it into a money making machine!

RTT Realty is very experienced with Tampa Bay Real Estate as an investment. In fact, our agents are currently working with investors while you’re reading this sentence. We work with and manage portfolios for first time investors seeking their first cash cow to international purchasers looking to buy in bulk. In any case, our goal is to locate potential properties, purchase under market value, rehab if necessary, rent it out (or flip it) and then manage it for you while you sit back and just collect checks.

Investing is simply an analysis of use and demand followed by execution. RTT Realty is comprised of professionals here to leverage our experience and knowledge to maximize the amount of profit that can be pulled from any investment vehicle you purchase. We can be considered a type of money manager recommending the best course of action to maintain the highest returns. Here’s how we do it step-by-step or you can skip ahead to finished examples by clicking here:


Step 1. Locate & Identify Good Potential Investment Properties

At RTT Realty, we conduct property searches as if we are purchasing the property for ourselves. Our agents use their market expertise and knowledge of the areas to focus on the highest potential return on investment. If you’re not familiar with Tampa or live out of this market, our knowledge of potential rent rates and pitfalls can be a game changer. We’ve saved investors thousands of dollars by not recommending they purchase specific properties.

When it comes to identifying target investment properties there’s so many factors to consider. From property taxes and insurance costs to proximity to employers to neighborhood schools, there’s simply to much to list. However, RTT Realty has seen and done it all. Let us show you how we can be your guardian angel looking over your investment property targets.


Step 2. Purchase Under Market Value

This is obviously easier said than done, but it can and does happen. This is because Tampa is not a single market alone. It’s comprised of about 50 sub markets that stretch across the entire greater Tampa Bay area. And not only is the Tampa market in constant change, so are the numerous remote neighborhoods and sub markets. So what may seem like a good purchase may be located in a rapidly declining sub market. Thus making it a trap that will cost you thousands in the end. Don’t worry. RTT Realty has a proven track record of success and has yet to lose money on any single investment property purchase. Curious to see examples of our work? Just click here.

So how do we do it? Negotiation is a key but so is understanding the power scale, leverage, timing, patience, as well as our valuable contacts and connections. Sometimes it’s foreclosures. Sometimes it’s very aggressive short sales offers. Sometimes it’s non performing notes. In any case, RTT Realty is well involved in the Tampa investment property market, and we have connections that will open doors for you other realtors cannot.


Step 3. Rehab the Property

Most investment properties need at least a little bit of rehabbing. If you’re not very handy or too busy to swing a hammer then have no fear. RTT Realty has a team of tested vendors and contractors you may utilize for your rehab projects. Our experience working with them on various investment properties will take a lot of the initial risk out of the equation. Just another example of useful relationships we’ve already established for you to aid in expediting your investment property success. If you’d like to see some before and after images of some of our rehab projects click right here.


Step 4. Rent it Out or Flip it

One of the unique features of RTT Realty is that we own and operate a Tampa rentals only website called This site averages 500-750 unique visitors seeking their next rental property every single day. With this tool RTT Realty generates numerous quality tenant referrals daily. This gives our team a tremendous edge to quickly rent out our properties to qualified tenants. We have several buy and hold investor clients who have told us that they sleep soundly at night knowing is there to re-fill their property quickly if needed. For some examples of our successful buy and hold cash flowing investment properties, just click here.

If you’re not looking to be a landlord then RTT Realty is capable of flipping your property for a profit instead. Flipping is a very different animal compared to buy and holds. It requires very disciplined decision making and formulated criteria when selecting target properties. Once again, we’ve taken out the guess work for you and already developed a winning formula to successfully flip properties. For some examples of a successful property flips we’ve already done just click here.

Whether the intention is to buy and hold or flip for profit, RTT Realty’s agents are prepared, experienced and available to help you reach your investment goals.


Step 5. Manage the Property

If you’re not looking to manage investment properties yourself then RTT Management is the solution.

We have been managing client properties for several years. During that span we have helped manage an array of properties for numerous owners internationally and domestic.

Being a full property management service, RTT offers bookkeeping, accounting, emergency contacts, tenant placement and screening. In the rare case that a tenant eviction is needed, we can provide all eviction services at the most efficient cost possible. It’s very important to have properly documented procedures to conduct an efficient eviction with less fuss and muss.

Still Not Convinced? Check out some of our client testimonials by clicking here.

If you’re ready to get started or have more questions then give us a call at 813-503-5318 or send an email to

RTT Realty is ready and able to take the stress out of purchasing an investment property and turn it into an enjoyable, profitable experience.