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Realtors & Brokers


A Brokerage should be a crack team of Tampa Bay Real Estate professionals, not a standing mercenary army of robots.  Having the most Agents is not necessarily better. We have an interest in your well being and capability of succeeding as an Agent of RTT Realty.  We prefer to assist you in building your own brand along with RTT Realty.  Ask how we will make you the self employed entrepreneur you envisioned.


Commission: Flexible.  We base your commission off of what type of agent you are.  New agent that needs help?  We assist you with clients, provide leads, create the structure a new agent needs to adopt to better serve their clients.  As such we agree on a 50/50 split.  Experienced Agent that needs a bit of assistance in various ways?  Lets talk.  Experienced Agent that is capable all on their own?  We have something for you to.


We can offer something NO OTHER Brokerage can offer.  We offer you a technology platform to provide a base to your real estate career. We offer in-house Search Engine Optimization (SEO) free as an agent.  This is not some hourly paid service through a third party vendor we sub out the service to.  This is bona fide in house, working with you, partner of the Tampa Real Estate Brokerage.  We will review your business goals, identify a niche or market, plan and coordinate a svelte SEO powerhouse based website to make you stand out with the big boys in the web Real Estate world.  You know the names already, but again, its not about RTT Realty its about YOU, the Agent that is the star.

Investment….in You

Be apart of a team that can provide insights and on the ground experience to learn and expand your current business as a team.  All of this technology does not come cheap, as you probably have already experienced or researched. This is the direct proof of how we will truly invest in to your career.  Education is important no doubt, but we expect a dedicated professional to always be curious and learning.  We give you the chance of diving in and being part of the business rather than watching or reading about it.

If you’re a realtor wanting to join a team focused on expanding your business and personal brand, give us a call at 813-503-5318 or email us at