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New to the Area? Not Ready to Buy Just Yet?

We can help you!  We offer a personalized rental showing service.  For a small fee of $300 to leverage our local knowledge, experience and time, we make the process simple and can more than pay for our service in rent negotiations reductions.

So if we negotiate a $30 discount on your monthly rent, your savings over a 12 month lease would equal $360. Thus putting $60 back in your pocket on top of our service paying for itself.

What all is included for that up front fee?

  • Detail searches including MLS, Craigslist, and any other web based property postings
  • Property ratings for best fit based on application, price, and negotiating power
  • Personal showing assistance for best fit properties
  • Pricing negotiation for fair market value
  • Negotiation for pet acceptance if needed
  • Full check on property history
  • Full lease contract review prior to your signing of it
  • Our expertise, market knowledge, experience, full guidance and consultation

Looking to get started? Call 813-503-5318 or email

We are also exclusive providers of insurance coverage designed to cover most renter defaults in payment.  This provides peace of mind to landlords and gives tenants greater negotiation power knowing your lease is insured, starting at $350 annually. Call 813-503-5318 or email for more details on how it works!

If you’d like to see our current inventory of rental properties, just click here.

Still curious about buying before deciding to rent? See many years of stability ahead of you? NOW is a Great time to buy. Why? Low interest rates, increasing rents, future market stability and growth, percentage of each mortgage payment goes towards an asset. If investors are buying, why not you? Give us a call to discuss!


Have a Property You Need to Fill With a Great Tenant?

We can help you out with that too.

One of the unique features of our company is that we own and operate a Tampa rentals only website called This website averages 500-750 unique visitors daily, all of which are seeking their next rental property. With this tool we’re able to generate dozens of quality tenant referrals. This gives us a tremendous edge to quickly fill rental properties to qualified tenants. Several clients have told us that they sleep soundly at night knowing is there to re-fill their property quickly if needed.

RTT Realty is accredited with many national and regional associations such as the National Apartment Association, the Florida Association of Realtors, and the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors. Each of these affiliations provides quality assurance that you are working with a company committed to providing the best possible service at all times for our clients.