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Selling Your Property

RTT Realty started as a single person operation with the one and only goal of doing Real Estate smarter and better. We’ve achieved this by sticking to the real reasons of how and why property is bought and sold.  We don’t promise magic. We promise practical, timely guidance and market expertise.

Anyone can tell you what they are going to do to market your home, but do they really know WHY each item is important to marketing your home? At RTT Realty we customize a strategic marketing plan to maximize market exposure and emphasize your property’s major selling points. Each situation is different. However, the steps of executing a successful home sale remain the same. We aim for an efficient sale and thoroughly cover all steps necessary to do so.

For previous examples of homes we’ve already sold, just click here.

The RTT Realty 8-Step Home Selling Plan:

Step 1. Consultation

This is a very important step in the selling of a home. During the consultation we will get to know you, the seller, as well as what your real estate goals are. This will help us prioritize your needs and cover all of the details of the entire home selling process. This is crucial in order for us to successfully and efficiently sell your home. This consultation, as well as our service and expert advice, is always free.


Step 2. Preparation

We are going to turn your home into a product.  By doing so we are going to identify potential problems BEFORE they become a problem.  Then we’re going to advise you on how to fix them. Sometimes this is done by subtraction because if something isn’t helping you sell your home, it’s probably hurting. We thoroughly consult you on how to prepare for selling your home every step of the way, but we don’t do it for you. Our agents are going to make you capable of selling your home. Selling your home is a team effort. You, the homeowner, must be engaged in the selling process for this to be successful.


Step 3. Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words so let’s make each one count. Our society judges a book by its cover.  Therefore, it’s our job to make sure your cover is going to look its absolute best.  We do this by preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.  And by working with trained professional photographers (click here for examples) to get us the presentation needed to attract buyers and ensure your property will be seen in the best possible light.


Step 4. Marketing Content

The key to creating impact marketing content and materials is understanding your audience. This involves first doing research to identify who your home should be targeting. After a target home buyer demographic profile has been identified, we discuss what types of materials are needed to hit our demo. This includes but is not limited to ad copy, video, floor plan, post cards, flyers, aerial photography, social media and web advertising.


Step 5. Technology & Electronic Marketing

Leveraging the cutting edge methods of electronic marketing is a trademark of RTT Realty. We’re one of only a very few real estate brokerages in the state that have in-house web development and search engine marketing professionals. More than 75% of potential home buyers begin their search online. Therefore your property having a digital presence is crucial. We can achieve this by building a website for your listing (click here for an example), promoting it through social media, integrating QR codes on marketing materials, phone capture and much more. It’s a digital world now and your property needs to have a digital footprint for the today’s buyers to even see it.


Step 6. Execution

Timely, efficient and quality execution can make a massive difference. Buyers and their agents constantly want information about listings. They expect a quick response to all of their questions and they want it right away. There’s plenty of other properties out there for buyers to look at so there’s zero room for neglect. At RTT Realty, our listing agents are smart, responsive, reliable, thorough, adaptive and very accessible. We train them to put the needs of you, the client, and potential buyers first.


Step 7. Negotiations

Effective negotiating takes experience and a firm grasp of the Tampa market. Fortunately for you RTT Realty has both. We’ve successfully negotiated home sales in Tampa for over 7 years. When you list your home with RTT Realty we help with negotiations by teaching you the fundamentals. Things like understanding the power scale, only giving if you’re taking, the nuances of timing and lastly, patience. Remember, any home can sell but not every home will. And very few homes will sell near the ceiling of their market value. This can be the difference of a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands. Let RTT Realty show you how to not leave money on the table.

Step 8. Anticipation

Problems almost always arise when you’re under contract with a buyer. Put simply, buyers don’t want your problems and you don’t want their problems. And deals often fall through because of this. Most of this can be avoided through anticipation or seeing these problems before they occur. However, it takes an experienced realtor to identify these potential pitfalls and avoid them. RTT Realty can keep you on track and get you all the way to closing!

Selling a home is a partnership between a Realtor and a homeowner.  When you’re trying to sell a home it’s vital to work with the smarter Tampa real estate agency.
Please allow us to show you how we can sell your property fast, meet all of your real estate needs and exceed your expectations. Call RTT Realty today at 813-503-5318 and see why we are your Tampa realtor.